About Family Picture - Grab Some Joy

  This has become my little space where I am thrilled to share with you delicious recipes that I love making for my family and  friends. My hope is that this blog will allow you to grab some joy as it’s continuing to do the same for me.

Hello! I’m Jacquiline. I live in Portland Oregon with my wonderful, and might I also mention, handsome husband Brian. He runs everything behind the scenes at Grab Some Joy. He’s extremely tech savvy. I am not. We have one daughter, Claire. She is truly a delight.  She’s also funny, obsessed with baby dolls, and loves to watch me cook. She isn’t my most reliable taste tester, but she’s getting there.

I love to cook any and everything: from salads to desserts, but my heart particularly swoons over squash, pasta, chocolate and bread. I might have a carbohydrate problem…I grew up in an Italian family so you will find many Italian inspired dishes here as well. Everything I share on the blog is what I am serving my family and friends on a weekly basis.

I grew up in eastern Washington, went to college in Montana and have currently found my home in Portland Oregon.  I am absolutely in love with the Northwest, if you can’t tell. Rainy Portland has taught me to embrace, and even love: quality coffee, wine, and seafood.  I live in such a foodie city, it’s pretty much amazing!

Before starting the exciting adventure of motherhood and blogging, I worked in the fitness industry for many years as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor.  It’s was so rewarding to come along side people on their health journey. I still teach a few classes during the week and love it!

I am utterly passionate about and get so much joy from spending time with: my family, eating desserts with my girlfriends, exercising, spending time with Jesus and cooking for people.  My hope is that this blog will allow you to grab some joy as it’s continuing to do the same for me.