Sweet Potato Power Breakfast

I typically eat the same things for breakfast every week. Do you? It’s usually pretty healthy, but certainly nothing fancy.  We’re talking oatmeal, yogurt, and Minnie Mouse pancakes because well…my sweet toddler LOVES Minnie! She’s pretty famous around here so weekly Minnie pancakes happen often using the most delicious pancake mix in the HISTORY OF […]

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Vanilla Orange Pistachio Parfait

  So THIS Vanilla Orange Pistachio Parfait as of late has become my guilt free, mommy-only, while child is napping, treat. I’m sharing it here. Shhhhh… don’t tell my toddler and her friends! You’ll want to make this Vanilla Orange Pistachio Parfait for so many reasons: It’s fast! Enough said. It’s healthy! Hello, to sticking to […]

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