Mediterranean Orecchiette Bowl

  I’ve been anxiously waiting to write up and share this recipe for this Mediterranean Orecchiette Bowl. You see the plan was to feature my home grown zucchini from my very first, almost-legit garden that I planted this year. And of course the home grown organic zucchini’s were going to be the star of this […]

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Garden Rigatoni Baked Pasta

Sometimes, I just want a big bowl of comforting pasta. And I mean a HUGE bowl of pasta and nothing else.  No healthy salad to go with it, no veggie, no fruit.  Just pasta, and maybe some bread….and I will enjoy every massive carbohydrate bite! Because, it’s comforting, and sometimes “adulting” is hard and well, […]

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Rosemary Cream Mushroom Pasta

This Rosemary Cream Mushroom Pasta recipe is for the mushroom lovers. Cue the choir, “hallelujah!”  To the mushroom haters, sorry I promise to offer non-mushroom dishes in the future. My husband is one of those mushroom haters.  He claims it’s because he went to school next to a mushroom farm. He really did. I guess […]

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