Matcha Cashew Latte

New self-care routine now consists of this dreamy, creamy, and unbelievably healthy, Matcha Cashew Latte.  And this routine may just have to be:  daily,  paired with a good book, and in this beautiful gold and ceramic mug that is nearly perfect in every way a mug can be perfect. Except for the fact that’s it’s… […]

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Cinnamon White Hot Chocolate

  I’ll just come out and say it, I’m in LOVE LOVE LOVE with this Cinnamon White Hot Chocolate! When it comes to hot chocolate this holiday season I’m trading in my love for dark chocolate and instead shaking things up a bit with the often over looked, but still incredibly delicious, white chocolate. And […]

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Raspberry Green Tea Lemonade

When it’s sunny in the Northwest you better believe that everyone is outside and acting like it’s summer.  In the springtime, Portlanders like myself are not ashamed to pretend it’s 80 degrees out, when in fact it’s only 65 degrees.  We are so bold as to wear short sleeves, break out the BBQ and order iced […]

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