Carrot Ginger Chopped Chicken Salad

  There’s nothing but selfish ambition going on with this Carrot Ginger Chopped Chicken Salad! It’s true, the intentions for this salad was about me and my desire need to get more veggies in my diet. Anyone else with me?! Now day in and day out I would say that I overall have a consistently […]

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Blueberry Citrus Salad

Friends, you NEED this Blueberry Citrus Salad in your life!  Because it’s practically been summer in here in Portland and I’ve I’ve got my 90’s summer playlist on Pandora playing non-stop.  We’re talking temperatures in the 90’s!! Whew!  I’m totally a hot weather loving girl.  Send me to a tropical beach or a hike in […]

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Sweet Almond Pesto Salad

I’m convinced that any dish with pesto in it is incredible! In my world, pesto trump’s all other sauces. I mean, how many sauces do you know can have the starring role in multiple, completely different recipes? How many sauces do you know require little time to make, freeze incredibly well, and can be found […]

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